How does our reseller program work?

It is simple actually, register for a vendor account, setup your dashboard, select items from our range that you want to market and sell and reap the reward of commission. Read below for a guide on how to become a reseller. As this program is in beta phase, commission rates are between 1-5%.

Go to our account page to register 

Click on “I am a vendor” when registering and fill the required details. 


Welcome to the Marketplace

Click “Let’s Go”

Start setting up your store, you can always edit this again later.

Fill in your banking details, this will be used when you request a payout. Then click add account before you move to the next step. 

Congratulations ! You have just finish setting up your store. 

Welcome to your dashboard where you will be able to track your sales, view earnings, add products, request withdraws and customize your very own online store appearance. Please mind the error on the upper middle, it just means our admin has to review your account and authorize your store on our platform. This will take 1-3 hours but if it is still not activated, please email us on and request a follow up. 

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