The KK500 ice maker is a commercial ice machine designed to produce large quantities of ice quickly and efficiently. It is typically used in food service businesses such as restaurants, hotels, and bars. Firstly the KK500 ice maker uses a compressor and refrigeration system to freeze water into ice. The ice is then harvested and stored in a bin or dispenser. The machine can produce up to 250 kilograms of ice per day, depending on the model.

Secondly the ice maker features a user-friendly control panel, which allows the operator to adjust the ice thickness and harvest time. Some models also come with built-in water filtration systems, which help to improve the quality and taste of the ice. Thirdly the KK500 ice maker is designed to be durable and easy to maintain. It is constructed from high-quality materials and features a stainless steel exterior that is resistant to rust and corrosion. The machine is also equipped with self-diagnostic functions and automatic cleaning cycles, which help to reduce the need for manual cleaning and maintenance. Lastly, the KK500 ice maker is a reliable and efficient ice machine that can meet the demands of a busy food service business. It is important to consider factors such as power requirements, size, and installation requirements when choosing an ice maker for a particular business.


  • Compact design, luxurious appearance;
  • Power-overloading protecting device, water shortage auto-detecting, full automatic running and easy to use;
  • Air cooling system, ventilate from left to right;
  • High efficiency CFCS free compressor, economical and low energy consumption;
  • Advanced assembly line, food grade plastic and exquisite workmanship to ensure products quality
  • Production Capacity 250kg/24h
  • Power 1240w
  • ice size 22*22*22mm
  • Storage Capacity 125kg
  • Unit Dimension 760 x 830 x 1718mm
  • Body Material 304/2B Stainless Steel
  • Inside Material Food Grade ABS

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Weight145 kg
Dimensions85 × 90 × 165 cm


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