If you’re looking for a convenient and attractive way to serve fresh juice to your customers or guests A two-tank juice dispenser may be just what you need. These dispensers are designed to hold and serve two different types of juice simultaneously. Making it easy to offer a variety of options.


One of the key features of a two-tank juice dispenser is its versatility. With two separate tanks, you can offer two different types of juice at the same time. Which can be especially useful if you are catering to a large group or have customers with different tastes. The tanks are also typically transparent, allowing customers to easily see the juices inside.

Another great feature of a juice dispenser is its ease of use. These dispensers are typically designed to be easy to set up and operate. With simple controls that allow you to adjust the flow rate and temperature of the juice. Many models also come with drip trays to catch any spills or drips, which can help to keep your serving area clean and tidy.

In addition to its versatility and ease of use, a two-tank juice dispenser is also designed to be attractive and eye-catching. Many models come with built-in lighting or other decorative features that can help to draw attention to your juice station and make it more appealing to customers or guests.

When shopping for a two-tank juice dispenser, look for models that are easy to clean and maintain. Many models come with removable tanks and components that can be washed separately. Making it easier to keep your dispenser clean and hygienic.


Overall, a two-tank juice dispenser is a great option for anyone who wants to offer a variety of fresh juices in a convenient and attractive way. With its versatile dual-tank design, easy-to-use controls, and eye-catching appearance. It is a smart choice for restaurants, cafes, hotels, and other businesses that serve juice.

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Weight10 kg
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